Welcome to Global Investment and Development, LLC

  • Global Investment & Development, LLC (GID) is a privately held and managed real estate investment and development company based in Los Angeles, California with over 25 years of experience and knowledge in land development. 

  • Their experience focuses on the different strategic phases of land management such as entitlement, development of single or multi-family residential use in urban and non-urban areas.  After a thorough evaluation of the market, each property that are part of Globalís inventory are sold to builders.

  • GID is looking to invest its own equity, along with that of it's financial partners, in carefully selected projects throughout the Southwest.

  • GID is involved in the major and upcoming markets in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Global is continuously acquiring finished/semi-finished lots, standing inventory, final/tentative tract maps and raw land at with investment opportunity from peak market values and are in the direct path of development and intends to hold these properties for projected development, maintenance, and eventual sale as the housing market improves. 


Raw land, semi-finished, finished lots, standing inventory, final/ tentative map
Residential Land Projects



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