Globalís unique ability to work through the entitlement process allows them to assess and ultimately enhance land value by accurately forecasting when the builder/developer should start building and delivering new products. For some projects, when suitable, Global will provide a Tentative Tract Map or a Final Map that is ready to record for prospective builder/developers who purchase the land. However, with entitlements becoming harder to obtain in California due to environmental handicaps, builder/developers often prefer to purchase fully entitled land. A tenacious and constant effort to minimize entitlement risk is one of Globalís key land development strategies. Globalís capability of delivering fully entitled land to Buyers enhances the value of their services and increase the salability of their land and their projects.

Global specializes in adding value to land intended for residential use by navigating the property through the increasingly complex land entitlement process that exists in California and other environmentally sensitive jurisdictions, they preserve it for as long as market conditions require before selling at a favorable price to buyers who will further develop or build on the property.