Over the past several years due to the recent economic downturn, Global focus has shifted towards acquiring large scale distressed asset from lenders who have attained these properties through the foreclosure proceedings. These projects tend to be complex in nature due to the fact that they were abandoned during mid-construction. A unique combination of skill sets, professional resources, and strategic thinking allows Global to navigate through these issues that are present in these transactions and by doing so adding value to them. Global enhances the future value of this project by dealing with applicable municipalities to solve the issues at hand. Global also explores other financial instrument possibilities to increase the value of the project.

Today’s builders have become more selective when it comes to acquisition. With Global having years of experience of selling property to both public and private builders, they have gained invaluable insight into how the builder community operates. This in turn allows Global to foresee the issue the potential builders will have with the project and consequently put their resources to untangle those issues. When the market does recover, Global would be in a position to offer builder assets that are trouble free, making it easier to consummate the deal.